Early Childhood Program
Union County School District
Early Childhood Program
Kids enrolled in pre-k programs aren’t just learning how to recognize letters and numbers; they are also learning critical social skills and the importance of working independently in the classroom. Through high-quality pre-k programs, they develop the confidence to take on more advanced classroom work. Many children struggle with social skills and behavioral problems in kindergarten. Pre-kindergarten programs are essential in teaching kids the social skills they need for later grades, not just the academic skills.
·      Each one of the Union County Schools have a pre-school program
·      The program is tuition based.
·      The cost is $200 per month
·      Contact the school administrator if interested
 Each pre K program in Union County follows the standards provided by Mississippi Department of Education.  Attached is a link to access the standards:
We Can! Program
The program focuses on the following:
 1. Classroom Management We Can! Manage the Early Childhood Classroom is an essential prekindergarten classroom management system that helps teachers create a “best practice” environment by focusing on behavior management and classroom organization.
2. Phonological Awareness We Can! Letter Sounds & Strokes is a comprehensive phonics program that develops phonological and phonemic awareness, letter-sound/symbol relationships, and alphabetic knowledge through memory games, computer activities, and other fun lessons.
3. Pre-Writing We Can! I Can Draw is a pre-writing program that uses art activities to engage young students and help them develop fundamental skills for printing letters and numerals while teaching how to listen and follow directions.
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